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Automotive Tips

There have been many changes to modern cars. To help your car last longer, make sure that you are following the recommended maintenance schedule.


According to a vehicle population report released by R.L. Polk & Co., the median age of passenger cars in operation increased to 9.2 years in 2006. For trucks, the median age increased slightly from 6.8 years in 2005 to 6.9 years in 2006. Light truck median age increased by 3 percent to 6.8 years, the largest increase across the major vehicle population report data is updated annually following an in-depth analysis of more than 230 million vehicles.


To make sure that you get the most mileage out of your aging car, call 937-667-4186 to schedule an oil change. You car will continue to serve you for many more years to come.


Electronic Accessories Taking Their Toll

Traditionally, car batteries have needed replacement every three to five years. But according to a recent article in Automotive Digest, the replacement interval for car batteries seems to be shrinking to approximately two years.


This is due to the increase in the number of electrical accessories used in today's vehicles. While new cars are designed to operate more systems such as navigation systems and iPods, they still use the same 12-volt battery they always have.


Stop in today at 4360 Lisa Drive in Tipp City, OH. for a computer diagnostic if you are having problems with your electrical systems.


Coolant Confusion

One of the most confusing aspects of coolant chemistry today is the various additive packages and dyes that are used in different brands and types of antifreeze. The color of the dye in the antifreeze actually has NO effect on cooling chemistry or corrosion protection. It is only used to help identify the type of product and distinguish one brand or type of antifreeze from another.


Unfortunately, there's not a lot of consistency in how the various colors are used-or what they mean. Coolants may be dyed green, yellow, orange, red, pink or even blue. So we have a rainbow of colors that can be misleading or confusing to understand. Consequently, you can't rely on color alone in choosing the "right" antifreeze for a particular application. You also have to consider the additive package in the product.


Stop in today at 4360 Lisa Drive in Tipp City, OH. to get your fluid flushed and make sure that you are ready for winter.


Filling up with E85

With retail prices of gasoline fluctuating across the country, more and more consumers are showing an interest in E85 fuel. Based on a number of factors, the price of E85 varies widely in different areas. In areas where E85 is selling for substantially less than regular grade gasoline, you may ask if they are able to use E85 fuel in non-E85 compatible vehicles.


E85 is designated for vehicles that are certified to run on a fuel blend of up to 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. All other gasoline engines are designated to run on fuel that contains no more than 10% ethanol. Using fuel containing greater than 10% ethanol in non-E85 designated vehicles can cause drivability issues and increased fuel system corrosion.


Driveability Issues with E85

The most common driveability issues experienced in non-E85 vehicles using E85 fuel include:


Lean driveability conditions such as hesitations and possible stalling

Check Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamps Illuminating due to OBD codes

Disabled traction control or Stability Enhancement System disabled messages

Harsh / firm transmission shifts

Fuel system and / or engine mechanical component degradation


To find out if your car would have these or other issues if E-85 was used, call 937-667-4186 to schedule a vehicle inspection.


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